Our clients respond:

Dear Efi
Thanks for your effort, patience and integrity in helping me to sell my business.
 It was a pleasure dealing with an Israeli businessman with a western mindset, so sorely missed in Israel.
Values and belief are virtues, not weaknesses.
Thanks again
Gary Matz 
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To: Mr. Efi Kaduri

Subject: Thank you

Dear Efi,

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the cooperation between us, concerning the Belgian Waffle. I turned to you for help raising the necessary funding to set up and operate the Belgian Waffle project, and your professionalism, discretion, and speed, not only did you find an investor, you also found the investor matched for me and the project.

I wish to thank you for all this. Congratulations.

Anticipating further cooperation,


Shraga Israel

To: Mr. Efi Kaduri

Subject: Letter of respect and appreciation

Dear Sir,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the cooperation we had on behalf of Pisgah College Ltd., where you took an essential part in trying to find an active partner/investor in the college.

There is no doubt that the efforts that you invested with close attendance, direction and professional advice, showing us new financial and marketing prospects for Pisgah College, all together helped me, as C.E.O. of the college, and my team workers to move on and think differently. Today we can actually see the results.

I truly thank you for the cooperation between us, and I will be pleased to work with you again in the future.

With great respect,

Moshe Golan C.E.O.

My respectful Efi,

After a long period of close acquaintance, I feel it necessary to express my true and honest appreciation for the way you run your company. Your ways show discretion, trust and professionalism.

In all contacts created between potential partners and myself, your first and foremost priority was the good of your client.

As opposed to others that their whole purpose is to close a deal, you acted in a way that only the best interests of both parties enabled the closing of the deal.

I wish you continued success, because you deserve it.

With feelings of respect,

Uri Cohen

Dear Efi Kaduri

I enjoyed working with you, an honest and reliable man, with great knowledge in Business Brokering, in establishing and running businesses.

Thank you,

Y. Stern


Y. Stern S. Israel Ltd.

Dear Efi Kaduri

We were pleased working with you in the past and will be pleased to work with you both in the present and the future, because of your tireless dedication, in getting the task done, professionally, with understanding and by contributing to the proper solution, through experience and radiating honesty.

With blessings,

Yossi Margalit

Manager, Business Development

To Efi Kaduri

I wish to express my appreciation for your professional approach. You are a man who always puts himself second in line so that your client will always be number one.

With appreciation,

Moshe Biran

Dear Efi,

I wish to express gratitude and appreciation for the honest, efficient and professional service that you supplied through truthful and to the point information and your help with negotiations with total discretion.

Yours truly,

Benny Tannenbaum

Dear Efi

I want you and all your contacts - to know how much I appreciate your professional approach and guidance in forging financial links to the benefit of my clients. Your expert guidance in presenting proposals has not only saved hours of unproductive hard work, but also paved the way to enabling arrangements to be made to the mutual satisfaction of all concerned.

In the field of business brokering you rank as No.1 and I wish you continued success in your endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Aryeh Litt, Adv.

June 4, 2004

Dear Efi,

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support, feedback and great interest in acquiring a small business.

We feel so fortunate to have found you to help us navigate through this process. Not many brokers would be willing to tackle our requests which are so limited in scope. You, however, have surprised us time and time again with resourcefulness and dedication.

Thank you for your support and friendship.

Deena & Michael Haines
Sunnyvale , California

Dear Mr. Efi Kaduri,

We'd like to express our sincere appreciation,
For your going above and beyond expectation!

Your constant care and devotion to help our enterprise succeed,
Being there every step of the way, seeing to what we need.

You are always available with expert ideas and advice,
Your personal and tactful service is always so nice!

Not just a business broker for the international consultation,
You're continuously involved in every situation.

For giving "Blgi Bite" your professional touch,
We'd like to thank you very much!

Joel Stern
Shraga Yisrael

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