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In developed western countries there is a profession called Business Broker, or as we call them in Israel Yazam Asakim. Originally, we turned to The Academy of The Hebrew Language looking for the best translation for Business Broker. Due to our type of profession, where we promote connections between investors and businesses, we recommended the name Yazam Asakim (Hebrew). The Academy of The Hebrew Language accepted our recommendation, and wrote, concerning the name Yazam Asakim: Use it and integrate it into the Hebrew language. With success. As a result, from now on, we'll be called in Hebrew, Yazam Asakim.

Business Brokers are found in every city in America. Anyone that wants to buy or invest in an existing business, turns to the Business Broker in that city. A similar move is made by the business owner who is looking to sell or find a suitable partner for his business.

The professional Business Broker is no longer an agent. He knows the different industries, is aware of the supply and demand of businesses in that city and contributes his experience and knowledge to his client, so that the client receives trustful, efficient and quick service that will help him reach his goals.

Israel, in spite of its being the most advanced country in the Middle East, is still not aware of the importance of chains of Business Brokers, that help business owners and investors find the mate they're looking for.

Kaduri Enterprises was established just to answer this need. In Israel, business owners and investors deserve a trustworthy address for finding the suitable business or investor. Kaduri Enterprises, being the first and only chain of Business Brokers in Israel, giving this service, feel it necessary to establish ethical rules for this up and coming industry, the same rules, as apply in other western countries.

With the increased volume of requests for Business Brokers, we plan to approach the Justice Department of Israel, and ask them to adopt these rules as they are shown on our site in the Ethical Rules link, with the goal that they will become law, similar to the laws pertaining to real estate brokers.

In the coming years, the vision of Kaduri Enterprises is to see the existence of Business Brokers in every city in Israel, similar to other western countries, Business Brokers unified under an Israeli organization that will require it's members to act honestly, fairly and help business owners and investors fill their dreams.



The vision of Kaduri Enterprises, associated with international organizations of Business Brokers, will enable foreign investors to find what they seek in Israel. By the same token, to enable business owners in Israel to find suitable foreign interests in the greater world.

Our slogan: With you and your help, we can make a dream come true.

Efi Kaduri, C.E.O. efi@112233.co.il


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