What is an IBBA business broker?

An IBBA business broker is an individual who works with either buyers or sellers of businesses to help them realize their goals.

The IBBA business broker determines the value of a business, determines whether or not a sale makes sense, and recommends the proper terms and structure for the sale. The business broker can handle the various aspects of a transaction including developing a marketing plan, executing the plan, locating and screening potential buyers, negotiating the price and the terms of the sale, and assisting buyers in obtaining proper financing.

An IBBA business broker can help a buyer to determine exactly what type of business he/she is looking for, based on the buyer's goals and financial picture. The business broker can then locate and evaluate businesses that meet the buyer's criteria. An IBBA business broker can handle all aspects of the transaction, including negotiating the price and the terms of the acquisition and assistance in securing financing. Finally, an IBBA broker maintains a network of contacts in the business community that provide information about confidential situations that are not available through public channels.

Below is a summary of the services offered by business brokers for buyers and sellers.

Services offered by business brokers
Seller Benefits

  • Value the business
  • Recommend proper terms and structure
  • Develop a marketing plan, and sourcing buyers
  • Screen and qualify potential buyers
  • Negotiate and structure a successful sale or other transaction
  • Assist the buyer in obtaining financing

    Buyer Benefits

  • Evaluate the buyer's goals
  • Formulate the buyer's acquisition criteria
  • Locate appropriate acquisition candidates
  • Evaluate acquisition candidates
  • Negotiate and structure a successful purchase or other transaction
  • Assist in obtaining financing

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