Mr. Efi Kaduri
the president and founder of Kaduri Enterprises,

The first business brokerage chain in Israel , was born in Jerusalem in 1951. Mr. Kaduri has 25 years of experience in establishing and managing businesses in Israel and the United States . He has held senior positions with several companies and currently serves on
a number of boards of directors.
Mr. Kaduri majored in Economics and Business Administration at the Bar-Ilan University .
He is certified and licensed by the State of Israel's Ministry of Law as
a realtor, and by the Ministry of Housing as a general building contractor.

Mr. Kaduri is the first business broker in Israel , with many years of business experience and business connectins both in Israel and in the U.S.A. which qualifies Mr. Kaduri's judgement concerning sound investments.

Efraim Weiss
Franchise Broker

Born in Miami Beach Florida , 1970. Studied Business Management at Derbi University in Jerusalem , with a BA degree. Studied Industrial Management at the Institute of Management in the Jerusalem branch and graduated as a Handesai'. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker from the Israeli Ministry of Justice. He has worked in several managing positions in Israel and abroad.

Ruthy Shish Shem-Tov
Franchise Broker

Born in Zefat , Israel 1966. Studied in the Ben Guryon University took her BA in Education and Science of Behavior. Has worked some time in Human Resources and manpower as well as management projects and Real Estate.

Ilan Kalmanovitz
Company Evaluator

Mr. Kalmanovitz was born in 1966 in Hod Ha'Sharon, Israel . He earned. his B.S degree in Industrial Management from the Ben-Guryon University in Be'er Sheva,(cum Laude). His M.A. degree he received from the Business School at Tel Aviv University (majoring in accounting, financing, insurance, and risk management).

Mr. Kalmanovitz served as director in various public companies. He was licensed as an investment counselor by the Israeli Stock Exchange. He held various positions in leading companies in diversified fields. His positions included: Manager of team of economic specialists dealing with company evaluation, Business Planning, Mergers and Takeovers, Profitability checks, Analyst, Assistant Manager in Investment firms, etc.

Ilana Blacher
Credit and bank fundings

Ms. Blacher was born in 1953 and resides in Petach Tikva. She has earned her B.A. degree from the School of Economics and Business of the Bar-Ilan University . Ms. Blacher received her M.A. degree in Business Management from Derbi University .

She has 22 years of experience in banking management roles in Bank Ha'Poalim, Israel . Her management experience includes that of the Ramat Gan branch; managing the credit department of an American-Israeli Bank: supervising credits in central Israel for Bank Ha'poalim, a position she held for twelve years. Currently she holds a position as a director of a public company. Ms. Blache's task is to promote businesses in the framework of the Loan Fund guaranteed by the State of Israel.

Derya Kabasakal
"Kaduri Enterprises" Country Partner in Turkey

Born in Stuttgart/Germany 1977. Studied in the Middle East Technical University took her B.S in Geological Engineering. She has been working in managing positions in Turkey in the Foreign Trade field since 4 years in Turkey . 
She has also wide knowledge of Investement Law of Turkey and been assisting to foreign investors.
She has close relations with many manufacturers of various sectors in Turkey and worldwide
She speaks Turkish and English.

Marceli Koper
"Kaduri Enterprises" Country Partner in Poland

Mr. Koper was born in 1962 in Kock in Poland . Master in low received from the university in Lublin, postgraduate study on St. Gallen Switzerland -business administration.
Mr. Koper served as director in two companies ( clinical chemistry production as finance director and in insurance company as district director ) since 9 years in international consulting in following fields; internationalization, business development, M & A, strategy and implementation, organization, business incubation, finance, marketing.
Languages; Polish, German, English
Sectors; industry, logistic and distribution, B2B services

Greater Chances to Succeed

The strategies and models we have developed and our extensive experience in Israel and abroad enable us to analyze the human factor, which includes the directors and the credibility of the business. Kaduri Enterprises promotes transactions only after we are positively convinced that a win-win situation is offered to all parties involved.

No Time Wasted

Our exclusive database allows the parties to focus on the markets that are most relevant to them without wasting valuable time and resources in searches and researches for an appropriate business.

Anonymity in Advertising

Advertising of expressions of interest is done under the Kaduri Enterprises name, screening out the irrelevant and time consuming callers. We screen all approaches, making sure that management attention is not diverted from the business. In addition, through our detailed screening process, we ensure that none of your sensitive business information is revealed in any shape or form to competitors, suppliers, or clients.

We are committed to connecting you to businesses, while maintaining full confidentiality.
Member of IBBA

A member of the International Business Brokers Association IBBA .
(over 1,100 members in the U.S.A. and worldwide ), .



Kaduri Enterprises is your best connection to business in Israel .

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